Denim blue jean shoulder purse.
Embellished with vintage laces, trims, and jewelry.
Fully lined with compartments for storage.

Vintage small suitcase embellished with antique and vintage velvets, tapestries, and trims.
Measures 14x10x5.5"
Inside left unadorned with mirror in lid.


Retro altered evening bag.
8 x 7 1/2" with hand held handle
Clasp Closure & Handmade Organza Beaded Flowers
Back is unadorned

 Woven Antique Silk Velvet Rag Tag
Shoulder Bag w/Roses
Approximately 10x16"
(Featured in Somerset Haute Handbags, May 2011)

 Antique Woven Lace Shoulder Bag
Approximately 11x18"
(Featured in Somerset Haute Handbags, May 2011)

Tapestry Bohemian Shoulder
Market Bag

Antique Crochet~Lace Woven Handbag
8x9" w/Shoulder Strap & Organza Rose

Large (14x17")  Tapestry
Shoulder Market Bag